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Remove the Burden of Getting Patients to Leave Reviews

Nothing will display your esteemed reputation to potential patients more than visible online reviews.

For most people, this can be a defining factor in their decision-making process because more reviews automatically make your dental practice more trustworthy.

Our software cleverly encourages your patient’s to leave a review, through an automatic texting system backed by clever technology.

Reviews Booster™ gives you control over your reputation. Why gather reviews from non-trusted third-party applications that people will never see? Your business needs Google and Facebook reviews, and lots of them!

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Frequently Asked Questions

People who have no friends or family members that have used your dental service or have never heard of the brand, they have to do their own research to see if you are a credible dentist and an honest service provider. The place where people go to carry out research is by checking your Google and Facebook reviews as well as assess your dental website and social media profiles. So it's important to concentrate on building rapport digitally.

Getting reviews from patients is a numbers game! If you see 30 patients per week and you only ask half of those to leave a review, you may still end up getting only 50% of those 15 to leave a review which is 8. 8 is better than nothing and if you multiply 8 by 52 weeks of the year, that could potentially be over 400 reviews a year. The key is consistency.

Yes, Google Map Listings have some correlation with the number of reviews a dental practice has. It demonstrates that your dental practice delivers exceptional service and for this reason, Google will show you to more people to create a nice experience for its users.

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