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Google Ads aka Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Dental Google Ads (Pay Per Click)

What are dental Google Ads (Pay Per Click)?

Dental Google Ads or Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) is a Google advertising service that can instantly put your website at the top of a google search results for very specific words that users may type in.

If for example, a potential patient searches for Invisalign dentists in their local area, your website will appear above all other competitor websites alongside an attractive offer or proposition.

Getting started with Google Ads for Dentists

No Long Contracts

You won't be stuck in long 12 month contracts

Free Team Training

We help your team be marketing ready by providing them communication training

We're Dental Professionals

We have clinical experience and deeply understand patients

Ultimate results from Dental Google Ads

Only Committed Patients

Google Ads lets you target people who have a high intent to go ahead with treatment

Consistent Inquiries

You’ll receive more enquiries, at a faster rate, in less time

Be The #1 Choice

Be the first-choice dental practice in Google searches and win more people

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads are designed to target people who have a higher intent to go ahead with treatment as they are actively seeking a provider. Organic advertising targets people who are still learning or by distracting them.

Yes! Google Ads provides the highest ROI in digital marketing. As we're only targeting people with high intents, the conversion is rate is much higher than other marketing strategies.

Yes, we can be very precise with our targeting such as people who live in certain postcodes, age groups, what words they use in Google searches and more. We can also retarget people who have visited specific pages of your dental practice website as well as follow them into YouTube.

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