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Here is What You’ll Learn

How to Escape Online Ads Dependency

Don’t get blackmailed by Social Media companies such as Facebook to pay for likes, leads and engagement. Learn how you can use the social media alogrithm to your advantage.

How to Find Your Ideal Target Audience

Prevent waste of marketing budgets by truly knowing who you should be resonating with. Learn how you can clearly define your ideal Invisalign® customer persona.

How to Make Social Media Your Referral Tool

There are thousands of Social Media users around your practice who use social media on a daily basis. We’ll teach how you can reach them using your patients.

How to Get Your Website Generating Invisalign Inquiries

Websites are not designed to look just pretty, especially after investing thousands of pounds into it. Learn how you can make your website work for you!

How You Can Reignite The Patients Who Don’t Go Ahead

Every new Invisalign® inquiry has a cost associated to it. We’ll teach you how you can make sure that you get the best return on investment form every single inquiry.

BONUS STRATEGY To Get a Serious Marketing Edge Locally

Do you want a serious edge over your competitors? This strategy is set to change the game on how dental practices of the future will attract new Invisalign® patients!