10 Benefits of Creating a Dental Podcast For Your Dental Business If you Want to Target Dentists

Technology has developed in many ways and podcasting has become a growing marketing strategy for many businesses. With a rise of people owning smartphones, people can listen to podcasts on the go, on the way to work, during any errands, etc…

There are over 4 billion internet users globally which ponder the question as to why dental practices aren’t taking advantage of the benefits of the internet.

Creating digital podcasts increases your public visibility and help you gain new patients for your dental podcast.

A podcast is a digital audio or file, usually part of a series of episodes, that can be downloaded from a website to a computer or media player. Podcasts are very popular now due to the high quality of audio and the variety of topics people talk about in each episode. Here is a complete guide on how to create a podcast from start to finish.

People can listen to podcasts in their own and the information is accessible for people right under their fingertips. The variety of guests that interview for each podcast adds credibility to your podcast to gain hits and subscribers.

There is a lot of work and preparation to podcasting but there are several benefits to creating a dental podcast for your dental practice.

Here are 10 benefits for creating a Dental Podcast for your Dental Business:

1. Build relationships and loyal followers:

The truth of owning a successful dental practice is having a number of true and loyal followers to your service. Podcasting allows you to create content for your audience so they stay connected to your service and can subscribe to your content. The audience will become familiar with your voice after each episode creating a bond between you and the audience. Producing a podcast allows you to reach a new audience for your dental practice so you can build a connection in a personal way.


2. Create highly engaging material through an audio platform:

 Owning a dental podcast allows you to be creative openly by producing unique content for other dental practices. You can update new customers about a new product or service, provide opinions to your customers, introduce new team members and interview expert guests in dentistry. As most dental practices use social media campaigns, blogs and videos to promote their service, creating a podcast allow you to promote your brand in a new, innovative way. Customers want to listen to a podcast where all the information is accurate as this builds character and trust.


3. Cost-Effective:

The problem with social media marketing is that if you truly wish to gain new patients, you have to boost your posts and purchase clicks. This is not the case when creating and uploading podcasts. Once you have brought or hired the right audio and recording equipment ( you can purchase a quality audio recorder and microphone under £400). The most popular free editing audio is Audacity. It is a good editing tool free of charge and easy to use. Once you have the correct gear and software to use, uploading your podcast will be a highly effective marketing strategy for your dental practice. The fact that you can create a podcast on your own is much more cost-effective than other advertising methods.


4. Easily accessible for your audience:

 Your listeners don’t have to be connected to social media to have access to the entire duration of the podcast. Once your audience downloads the episode, they can listen to it at any time they please.


5. Creates a revenue stream:

 There are financial benefits to creating a dental podcast as well. If you produce engaging content and find that your subscribers are multiplying daily, you may be approached by advertisement companies to promote their services on your episodes. The more listeners, the more sponsorship and advertisement companies you can attract.

Dental Podcast Marketing


6. Podcasts are one way to deliver on a social networking strategy

Creating a dental podcast will allow you to inform your clients of dental-related information. By producing a podcast, you can cross-sell and promote which therefore helps you build a connection with your clients.


7. Increased Traffic Generation

Your audience may recommend your dental podcast to others thus increasing your traffic. Your dental podcast will reach a wider, new audience for your business.


8. Improves public speaking skills  

Regularly hosting podcasts can help you gain confidence in public speaking. This will mean you will not have any problems in public speaking as you will start to develop a natural, easy flow while speaking.


9. Podcasting is an alternative to video

Video marketing is vitally important for businesses to gain exposure. However, some people don’t enjoy shooting videos so this is where podcasting can become an alternative marketing strategy. You don’t have to worry about lighting, shots, colour, and transitions. It is much easier creating a quality dental podcast for your audience than a video package that is much more likely to go wrong due to the many elements of creating a video.


10. Brand Awareness

The familiarity and consistency of regular podcasts help develop your company’s brand to make it a household name. You are able to integrate information about your products and services as they relate to the information in the podcast.

Most businesses have implemented podcasts in their marketing plan and it is high time you started that as well for the growth of your company.

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