We are here to help you create a X account for your dental practice and there are 15 steps that will help you with that. We all know that social media plays a huge part in our business, especially for those who provide a service.

It is fantastic for Dental practices. It helps to interact with your customers on a more personal basis and to create a profile presence. Additionally, customers can share their experience with you, and this can influence the number of followers to increase.

You are probably wondering why do dentists need X accounts and how can it help your dental practice.

There are perks to having a X account and how you can use it to your advantage.

X is suitable for anyone who fascinated with information being given to them constantly. X is mostly known for its 140- character posts called “tweets” which are frequently being posted from different sources. This can be from organisation and individuals.

Dentists can follow other practices so that they are aware of what others do in order to engage with their clients. Dentists can also customise their news feed by selecting to follow individuals with the same interests.

  1. Follow

In order to engage with others with the same particular interest, follow other dental professionals. One of the benefits of X is that it is easier to connect with people who are related to the industry that you work for.

Furthermore, by following others it is also great to share content that belongs to others. Not only does this build goodwill but it will keep you on top of your awareness and it will motivate you to do better.

  1. Events

When dentists have a twitter account, it is 10 times easier for them to be aware of events that are not advertised in other socials. Not only that, twitter allows you to follow a specific hashtag therefore if you ever attend events, you can easily connect with others that are attending the event.

  1. Posting and retweeting

In order to engage more with those that you follow, build you feed by reposting and tweeting about current trends and hashtags. This helps to create a presence on socials especially X. Furthermore, following trends helps to create social media content. If use properly, it can bring more clients.

  1. Building connections with your local community and your online profile

X followers are fantastic when you gain loads. You begin to feel like a professional on X. You are no long a newbie?! Right.

Boring jokes to the side. When your clients follow your twitter page and begin to share their experience with others. It creates a strong relationship with them. Furthermore, building a relationship with the community is also very important because it you can always support their cause and they can also do the same.

Furthermore, to become a more dental X head, you can use search.x.com to search for tweets in your city or use different hashtags to find out who is frequently using X and you can also respond to oral care and questions individuals have about the Dental practice. By doing this it also means that you are showing more engagement, this can influence your followers to go up.

X has its pros and cons however it depends in what concept you are using the platform for. Creating a X account for your dental practice, it makes it easier to be updated frequently on what is happening with those around you and it also gives you more awareness of what others in the same industry as you are doing.

These are the steps on how to create a X account specially for you Dental’ heads.

  1. Let’s head over to X.com on your Google search. This can be done on your mobile phone or your laptop. Once you have done that, you should be able to get a page similar to the one shown above. What you want to do know is Click ‘sign up’ for a new account and to join X today.

Step one X

  1. This page now suggests inputting your “name” in the name text box. The most interesting fact about this is that you don’t necessarily have to use your real name instead you can use your dental practice name. this is what others that will follow your account will recognise you.

Step one X

  1. Type in your phone number or it could be the organisation contact number. If you want, you can also use an email address. For dentists, it is more professional to use both phone numbers and email. This makes it easier for new clients to have two members to get in contact with you. In put the organisation phone number on the “phone” text box, then enter an email address.


  • REMEMBER: the email that you use for the signing up of the X account has to be associated with the account.

  1. Enter your date of birth details and then click next button underneath.

customise feed twitter


  1. This page allows you to customise your experience on X. As a new X account, you want to get more out of X. You can decide to opt in/out, but I would suggest opting in on the box that says, “get more out of X” and “connect with people you know”. By connecting with people that you know, it allows you to know exactly what they are reposting and tweeting on their account. But there will be further explanation about it. You can also get personalised ads depending on what pages and trends you follow as this helps you to connect well with your desired interests and circles.

  1. Once you have clicked on the two boxes “get more out of X” and “connect with people you know”. Head over to the “next” box and it will bring you to this page where you need to sign up.

receiving twitter code

  1. This page is asking you to verify your email. X will email you a code to your email and you have to do is put the code you received on your email. If you have used your mobile number and your email. You could be sent two codes.

In order for you to verify it on your mobile phone. You have to do the following:

  • Click OK when prompted.
  • Open your phone’s message app.
  • Open the text message you received from X.
  • Copy and paste the code in your message.
  • Enter the six- digit code on the text box on X.
  • Click “Next” to continue.

If you received the email, you have to do the following:

  • Head over to your email.
  • Open the email you received from X.
  • Review the six-digit code in the email.
  • Copy and paste six-digit code.
  • Paste on the text box on twitter.
  • Click “NEXT” to continue.

putting code twitter

  1. Now all that you need is a password. Type a password into “you’ll need a password” text box then click NEXT to confirm your password.

Remember: The best password are usually things that are not associated with you. It can’t be a date of birth or full real name. it can’t be anything that seems too easy to find out. also, you can use numbers to make it more difficult for others to find out.

skip interest

  1. This page now is asking about your interests. Scroll through the list of topics and click each topic that you find more interesting or you can also click “skip for now” where the arrow is pointing at. You can sign in and do it later on.

suggestions to follow twitter

  1. This page gives you suggestions for you to follow. What you can do is follow people who you find more inspirational. You can follow any person of you interest. If you want to follow, all you have to do is click “follow” box. Or what you can do is click “NEXT” box right at the corner of the page.

welcome to newbie feed twitter

  1. You have created a twitter account all by yourself. Easy and simple right? GREAT. Now you need to customise your view and input all the information about your Dental practice. If you want, click “Get started/ where the arrow is pointing at.

search for similar interest

  1. Right!! What you can do now is click on where the arrow is pointing at. In the search box, dentists can search for any other practice. Or you can also just type ‘Dental practice’ and other accounts will appear.

search tab twitter

  1. Dentists can search for their competitors and what exactly what others are doing and what you as a dentist can do to make yourself better in terms of the engagement you will post on your X account. It also helps to stay connected with the world and what is happening around you; whether it is happening your industry or others.


edit page

  1. You can now personalise your page to your dental practice. You can insert a picture of your practice or even a picture of your brand.

Use “edit profile” box at the corner to insert additional information about your practice and what services you have to offer to your clients.

Remember: Information such as the services you provide, the location of your dental practice and the website where clients can do more in dept information about your dental practice is very important therefore make sure the information is correct.

You can also add testimonials of your previous clients. This gives potential customers and insight of what type of services you provide and what others really think about you and your Dental practice.

Who to follow? 

When you are actively on X, there are several X accounts that are associated with oral care and dental industry. You will be able to gain more ideas of what they are promoting on their X feed. This article informs you about the most popular X pages that will give you a better insight on what to post or retweet.


X is a fantastic way to engage with people who are in the same industry as you and if they have a similar interest however it usually depends on the type of product or services you are providing to your clients. The demographic of the X users in the UK are quite young; under 34 years of age therefore for someone who is promoting and trying to engage with other individual 34 downwards. Other social media platforms would be more useful.

If you need more help with hashtags and how to engage using the hash tags, check out our post on X hashtags and how to use them.