Four Ways to Instantly Increase Your Enquiries

If you’re ever worried that you may not have as many enquiries as your website analytics suggest you should, it could be that you’re not providing your audience with enough easy opportunities to spend their money with your dental practice. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to overlook some of the processes that are crucial to securing custom if you fail to consider how your audience currently shops. To help you work out where you could be going wrong, we’ve put together a list of four aspects of your dental practice that you should reconsider.

  1. Opening Times

With so many businesses now based online, companies seem to pay less and less notice to their opening times. However, for a physically located business, making sure your team is contactable during consistent and accessible times of day could help to transform a potential customer with a question into a happy buyer. Why not install a pop-up live chat feature on your website and delegate to a service like who will handle all the queries on your behalf at any time of the day or night.

  1. Payment Options

The internet has opened up a world of payment options for dental practices, and it’s important that you ensure your customers have a variety of options to suit almost any preference. If you currently only offer general debit card payments, try a safe and secure direct debit payment portal such as to see if it encourages more of your patients to sign up to a monthly payment option for treatments such as anti-wrinkle treatments or even hygiene treatments.

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  1. Money Back Guarantee

A tendency towards risk aversion is growing thanks to increasing safety precautions. Make sure your customers have peace of mind when they’re using your services by providing them with reassurance on their dental work. From 12 months warranty on the dental work to 12 months aftercare for completed orthodontic cases. It doesn’t cost the earth and for some people, it is already a common policy to have in place, but never highlighted.

  1. Easy Contact Options

Potentially the most important step of increasing your enquiries is to ensure it’s easy for your customers to contact you via your website. Contact forms, multiple contact details and little demand for their information could help to increase your enquiries and boost your sales. Sometimes direction is required for your web visitors to urgently remind them to contact you. Install contact forms on all convenient locations on your website for example on your treatment pages.

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