4 Musts for a Strong Dental Marketing Foundation for Dental Practices


The world of dental marketing can feel like an ever-changing minefield of information. Dental Marketing Experts from all over the world are constantly producing new information on how you should marketing your dental practice, but very few dental practices have the time or resources to explore every avenue.

So how do you make sure you keep a strong marketing foundation while investigating potential additions to your marketing? We share with you 4 marketing musts that every dental practice should have in place for a solid marketing foundation.

  1. Understand Your Audience

Potentially the most important part of your marketing foundation is a strong understanding of your audience and patients demographics. The more accurate your information, the more precisely you can target your marketing.

It’s crucial to use your resources to discover your customers’ behaviour, demographics and needs for cosmetic dentistry. Consider doing a complete audit on your patient base via your dental software eg Exact.

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  1. Invest in Content

Content marketing has been the focus of modern marketing for a few years, and it has gone from strength to strength. As dental practices begin to see the long-term benefits of effective content, it’s more important than ever for marketing teams to perfect their content strategies and keep their audience engaged. Utilise the blog feature on your website for regular blogs which your audience will appreciate.

  1. Research Your Competition

It’s not possible to market your dental practice effectively unless you understand your competition. Make sure you have a regular research schedule in place to ensure you keep on top of their offers, guarantees, price changes and new products/services.

Use the Facebook ‘Insights’ tab on your dental practice Facebook page and use the ‘Pages to watch’ feature to keep an eye on your competitions social media activities.


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  1. Don’t Avoid Change

While keeping on top of your more traditional, foundation marketing techniques, make sure you leave your mind open to change.

Marketing is an industry that can change almost overnight, and allowing your dental practice the resources to stay on top of these developments could be the difference between growth and stasis.

What most dental practices don’t have in place is a specific marketing budget to test, run an urgent campaign or invest in marketing technology that your dental business should be utilising.

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