5 Tips for Building Rapport With Patients


As a dentist, it’s likely your aim is to build a long and loyal client list that will ensure the success of your practice for many years to come. The first step of this process is to draw patients to your practice through a strong reputation and word of mouth, which means customer service and attention to detail are key.

However, trust and rapport are key if you want to maintain your client relationships for the distant future. We’ve explored the top five tips for building a rapport with your patients, which could keep your patients coming for generations.


Tip One – Be ‘Likeable’

happy dental teamThis goes for yourself and the rest of your staff. All of your team should ensure they greet patients with a smile and a friendly remark and ensuring you thank your patients for visiting your practice is essential. You will also be more likeable if you use positive words and make your patients feel comfortable in every area of your practice.


Tip Two – Build Trust

In an environment where fear, anxiety, and pain are a reality for some, it’s important to build trust with your patients. This can mean anything from ensuring you’re always honest about your treatments and their pros or cons, and under-promising so you can over-deliver on your patients’ expectations.


Tip Three – Take Personality into Account

Each patient is an individual, and treating them as such could be the key to building rapport. Some of your patients, for example, may feel more comfortable in your presence if you speak to them about their personal life during treatments, while others may prefer a quiet approach that focuses more on increasing relaxation than conversation.


Tip Four – Be Understanding

If you have given your patients bad news, or they’re simply in a bad mood when they arrive at your practice, try to be understanding. Theyrapport dentist may be unhappy about the price of their treatment or unhappy about the options available to them and suggesting they are wrong will only make the situation worse.

Instead, suggest that you understand their feelings, and try to explain how you can work around them, or why the treatment will be positive for them.


Tip Five – Don’t Be Afraid to Be You

By relaxing and talking to your patients about yourself and your own personality, you’re more likely to encourage them to do the same. Soon you could be conversing like old friends, and your patients may be more inclined to return.


Bonus Tip

Tip Six – Body Language

Although you may not notice it, your body language is constantly influencing those around you, and this can have a negative impact on your rapport with patients if not addressed correctly. No matter what your patients’ treatment needs or anxiety levels, relaxed and calm body language will help to build rapport.

This could mean anything from holding a relaxed stance, sitting in a more laid-back manner or even discussing treatments on comfortable seating rather than in the more formal dental office setting.


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