7 Ways the average dentist can tame the Christmas overeating dragon over the festive season, tips and strategies from the world renowned Dr Uche.

It has long been said that knowledge is power, and we certainly live in the information age. But if this is true, why are so many people feeling powerless when it comes to their eating habits? “I know I should eat less junk food.” “I should drink more water.” Well, it’s time to stop saying “should” and start saying “will”.

How do you narrow the gap between knowing and doing? Anyone with the answer has managed to access their true inner power and self discipline. This power can take information, pepper it with inspiration and perspiration, and turn it into action. We’ve explored seven ways you can discover your inner power and use it to achieve your goals.


Establish some baseline information

If you have ever visited a financial advisor, the first thing they do is find out your current financial status. Fitness is no different. So, where are you now? Make an appointment with your doctor and chart your current status. How much do you really weigh? What are your blood pressure and cholesterol levels? Also, consider consulting a dietician to get the low down as to where you currently stand with your food intake.


Uncover the key to your power

It is important to dig deep to achieve results, and listing the benefits of making positive dietary changes could help you find your inner power. In establishing new habits, having a set of powerful reasons for doing so can mean the difference between failure and success. Looking “hot” for your class reunion isn’t going to be a powerful enough reason to keep you going in the long haul.


Form a clear vision

Close your eyes and envision yourself the way you would like to look and feel. Write down your goals and place them where you will see them daily. You are sending a message to your brain that you mean business. Jim Rohn, author of The Art of Exceptional Living says, “A life worth living is worth recording.” I have been known to write my desired weight in bold black letters on a piece of paper and post it in several prominent places in my home office and on my bathroom mirror. This might sound radical for you but if you’re really serious about this, it might be time to consider making taking radical steps.


Get your loved ones on board

Share the importance of your decisions with people who will support you. Seminar leader Harv Ecker has something to say about people who feel they are not getting support in their lives: “People who complain they aren’t supported in their lives often aren’t giving it.” Best way I know about having people support your goal is to find out what theirs is and support it.



Write down some simple things you could do right now to get started on the road to better health. Eating a salad every day and drinking one extra glass of water are realistic behaviours that you can do immediately. Taking a good quality fish oil supplement is another easy step to developing positive eating habits. Studies have shown that when the body is getting its essential nutrient needs met, it is less likely to lead you astray.



Successful people have made certain activities into rituals. It helps form good habits, and to schedule these new eating habits into your digital schedule 1. Eat a salad before 3pm each day. 2. Drink 1 litre of water before 1pm and a second litre before 7pm. Did you know the thirst centre in the brain is right beside the hunger centre? Many times we mistake being thirsty for hunger and never feel satisfied because we are never address our real issue – being dehydrated.


Celebrate results

Give yourself a pat on the back every time you take a step towards your vision. Many beginners postpone celebrating, waiting instead for the final outcome, like losing ten pounds. Make the process fun by acknowledging every success along the way. Your sense of empowerment will grow as you take note of the smallest improvements.

For many people it takes a medical emergency before they start caring for themselves. Steven Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says that the #1 habit is being proactive. This means taking responsibility, and having an “I can do it” attitude! Get LEAN and MEAN it today!


dr ucheDr. Uche Odiatu is an NSCA certified personal trainer and the co-author of the best-selling books Fit for the LOVE of It! and The Miracle of Health. He has inspired and motivated people on national TV, on hundreds of radio interviews and in lectures for Fortune 500 companies. Questions? Email them at info@fitspeakers.com or websites www.DrUche.com or www.facebook.com/ucheodiatu