8 Benefits Of Being An Independent Dental Practiceindependant dental dentist optical optician

In a recent survey of 2052 people, 56% of UK Brits preferred to use the services of a small business over the services of a large business or organisation. This said they did prefer to use the websites of the larger businesses due to having professional websites.

What does this mean for you?

From a dental practice model point of view, being an independent practice is not a bad thing after all. You will still be competing with the larger corporates but they lack that personal caring approach which customers pick up on. They may have advantages in some areas of business over smaller practices but they just can’t beat a good old small local business that is well integrated with its local community.

There are 8 areas in a small business that the average Brit enjoyed when using and comparing services of a small business and a large corporate business. Below are the key advantages for small independents compared to using a larger corporate.

From the survey, the 8 key traits that a client expects and appreciates from a small business are;

  1. The business must present a friendly face when meeting and greeting clients.
  2. The team are/must be attentive towards the client throughout the whole client journey.
  3. Clients enjoy building good relationships with the team.
  4. Clients feel great when the members of the team remember their names and what they like eg hobbies, events etc.
  5. The business team must show they care about the client and show appreciation.
  6. The business must play a part in its local community.
  7. Clients enjoy a business which is fun and engaging to shop with.
  8. Clients love how they are recommended services or products based on their past and present wants.

Is it difficult to implement these 8 key components within your dental practice? Hardly. It would have to be a team effort that will allow you to provide an exceptional service but most of these key strengths require proper planning and keeping them consistent.

Arrange a team meeting, print this page and highlight to your team what your clients expects to experience from your dental practice. Get team input, come to an understanding and make it happen.

Increase your emphasis on these 8 areas of business and you are on your way to building a reputable dental practice that people enjoy visiting and recommending.

If you would like to discuss any of the 8 areas above for your dental practice then simply drop us an email or give us a call. We would love to discuss what you currently implement and how to further improve.