How did we get the idea on creating a blog about how not  to market your business? See the van image above? It was parked not far from our office and it took us atleast a few minutes to read and figure out whether if this was vandalism or a prank. Turned out to be a marketing strategy created by the van owner to promote a number of services he offered. The truth is we’re still confused as to which services are on offer!

The basic principles of marketing that the van owner should have implemented are;

– What type/level of service are you representing
– Clearly define your buyer persona
– Clearly define the problem your buyer persona can relate to
– Clearly define the the solution you are providing for the problem

The van ower may have considered his van to be a very large brochure and wanted to list all his services hoping that someone reads the service list and will instantly remember they need one of his services.

Problem is you wont read a brochure unless you knew you had a problem that you would like to solve in the first place. We’re pretty sure most people dont pick up brochures unless they wanted to find out more. Make people aware of the problem they have and then provide them with the solution eg you Mr Van Man and why.

Always good to ‘check yo self before you wreck yo self’ as some of your marketing messages maybe just a big blur aimed at everyone and anyone. Define it so it can be related which allows it to make a bigger personal impact.

Tyler Garns, a well known marketer says – “If you’re saying something to everybody, then you’re saying nothing to anybody”