How A CRM Can Benefit Your Dental Practice

The term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to techniques and practices used by companies to manage and analyse their customer interactions. Based on the use of inbound marketing methods such as social media or blogs, CRM software is designed with the goal of improving relationships with customers and helping businesses from any industry discover the key to customer retention.

Some of the CRM software’s out there which we have also invested, tested and reported on, in a dental business include Infusionsoft and Hubspot. These helped us to triple private revenue with extensive team training. We’ve explored the top four reasons why you should use CRM software for your dental practice.

Improve Customer Relationships

One of the main benefits of using CRM software is to create stronger relationships with your customers. By ensuring customers are managed in an organised fashion, companies can understand their individual needs, and so maintain optimum levels of customer satisfaction.

You can create a rating system for each of your patients based on their visits to the dental practice, acceptance of PVT treatment plans as well as spending at your practice. Treat everyone with great service but treat your high spenders with perks so they influence others who are similar to try your services.

Optimise Your Marketing

Marketing can be further optimised through CRM software by helping companies to monitor customer behaviour and alter marketing strategies to take this into account. CRM strategies can also be adjusted to allow for different tastes and requirements of potential customers, so no resources are wasted targeting the wrong people. Use the CRM to segment a group of dental implant patients from teeth whitening patients. Why not go even further and

Why not go even further and separate teeth whitening patients into further groups such as those interested in teeth whitening and those who have actually bought teeth whitening. Promote another cosmetic treatment that teeth whitening patients may be interested in such as veneers and specifically educate the patients who only shown interest in teeth whitening until they are ready to make a purchase.

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Marketing Collaboration

CRM systems make it easy for dental practices to move away from traditional marketing tools such as spreadsheets, which fail to provide the functions needed for modern business marketing. By using CRM software, it’s possible for practice employees to collaborate quickly and efficiently with other marketing software’s such as MailChimp, a free email marketing tool and many others.

CRM systems and software’s allow you to take your dental marketing to a much more professional level, including your practice communication and patient rewards.

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