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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social media platform which allows you to share and create videos, images and daily stories that are only visible to view from a few seconds to 24 hours.

Large users of Snachat are the under the 30s and is a fun platform which allows you to use creativity as well as humor to share your daily stories to your friends.

orthodontist snapchat geofilter

What are filters?

Snapchat has an awesome feature which allows you to create videos using face recognition filters which alter your face on Video. They can be interactive and the most popular filters are the puppy features filter and the flower crown filter which makes your face look even more beautiful. You can also take images of yourself using one of the filters and share it with your friends.

dentist snapchat geofilterWhat are Geofilters?

Geofilters are filters that are only available to someone when they are physically in a specific area such as an event, concert, conference, shop or even dental practice. These filters can only be used by anyone at a chosen location.

How can they benefit your dental practice?

Dentists and Orthodontists can have custom Snapchat filters made which contain a creative call to actions, quirky captions and we can also use your practice’s branding and logo. Most of our clients who use the Snapchat Geofilters for the practice, incorporate it within their patient journey. You can ask your patients to use the filter to share their dental experience or their new smile. You can even create them for specific events at your dental practice, why not create a filter for a local public event but add your logo in there for people to use and increase your brand visibility.

The opportunities are endless!

How much does a Snapchat filter cost?

We can create your dental or ortho practice a custom Snapchat filter for only £59. We can also submit your filter on your behalf to Snapchat for free. You only have to pay the Submission charge which is dependent on your location.

Contact us now to get your very own Snapchat Geofilter and tap into Snapchat Marketing for your dental or orthodontic practice now.


Here are some examples of Dental Ortho Snapchat filters we have created for some of our clients;