Why Inbound Marketing Is Important For The Success Of Your Dental Practice

In simple terms, inbound marketing is a term used to describe the sharing of high quality, original content with potential or loyal clients. Inbound marketing has become one of the mainstays of the marketing world and is employed by millions of companies around the world. Many dental practices are now among the ranks of those who rely on inbound marketing, and we’ve explored why this latest form of business advertising could be vital to the success of your dental practice.

The Power of Content

In some respect, the reason inbound marketing is important for dentistry is because it’s currently important for most types of business. Unlike traditional marketing, inbound marketing promotes the opportunity for conversation between businesses and their customers, who also benefit from access to your expertise and experience.

Inbound marketing is particularly useful for any business hoping to increase website traffic, boost sales, create leads or simply remind loyal customers that they’re still available to provide expert services. Popular methods of achieving these goals include the use of social media, the creation of a dedicated blog and even posting expert guest articles on relevant websites.

Dental marketing course

Inbound Dentistry

Inbound marketing is also specifically beneficial to the dental industry for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides dentists with the opportunity to prove their expertise without requiring a visit to the dentist (please see image above for Dr Aisha Ahmed). In such a competitive industry, it’s vital that dentists have the chance to show new locals or unsatisfied customers of alternative dental practices that their dental surgery is the most experienced and knowledgeable in the area. Through carefully coordinated use of inbound marketing techniques, this is now easy to achieve and we do this on a daily basis.

Techniques such as social media and blogging also offer dentists the chance to reach further afield than ever before. While traditional dental marketing specifically targets local people, inbound marketing can also establish dental surgeries as experts in their fields, and so attract new clients from elsewhere in the country. Our clients have even attracted clients as far as Norway with our Inbound Marketing Strategies. Particularly beneficial for anxious patients, this marketing technique can match patients with the best dentist for the job, no matter where they’re located.

To discuss how Inbound Marketing can help your dental practice attract the right type of client who is looking for dental expertise rather than price, speak to our advisors on 0330 133 03635.