World’s first dental marketing agency to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for services and products


After seeing a surge in dentists investing in Bitcoin and other retailers such as Subway and Papa Johns accepting Bitcoin as payment, we wanted the ability to offer a Bitcoin payment method to our clients too who have invested in Bitcoin and may want a service where they can use the currency which fits all their business needs.
Bitcoin has been in the headlines for the last 3 months with prices and valuations growing overnight at a volatile rate. Very risky business but there are a lot of people who have made great returns on investment from Bitcoin and a great innovative method of diversifying your investment portfolio.


How does it work?

We use a Bitcoin Merchant provider which checks the company history to ensure all payments are made safely and to a reputable company eg us! The process usually takes a week or two and they carry out various checks. We have successfully passed all check and now offer dental marketing services to the dental industry.
We are also encouraging other dental businesses to follow our lead and to offer Bitcoin as a payment option to their dental clients as we believe Bitcoin is here to stay.


“Most of my clients invest in various areas and Bitcoin saw a huge rise over the last few months. We wanted to give them the freedom to use their investment with us and reap the investment rewards by reinvesting into their bread and butter business, their dental practice” – Hassan Mushaid


With a steady rise in merchants offering alternative payment methods using all the various types of Cryptocurrency and the worlds major bitcoin dental marketing businessbanks investing in creating their own digital currency, we wanted to get ready early as there are signs and trends that display that the Cryptocurrency is not a fad that will fade away over the next few months but become a strong contented in the way we shop especially online.


How can you use your Bitcoin?

If you are looking to purchase dental marketing services and products using Bitcoin or any other form of Cryptocurrency then get in touch to discuss your marketing needs with one of our friendly team members on 0330 133 0635 or alternatively, you can email us at