To celebrate the festive season and Christmas, we are sharing 12 Marketing tips for Dentists that you can implement and watch your dental practice profit in 2017.


1- Manage social media marketing accounts via Hootsuite and schedule posts in advance. Its a great free tool and just need to dedicate an hour a week to create your regular weekly posts. Leverage baby!

2- Send out email offers/deal campaigns and practice updates via Mail Chimp to your dental client base. Another awesome free tool to educate your clients.

3- People love pictures and not everyone likes to read. Make sure you get your dental practice signed up to Instagram and share pictures of what your team means to your dental practice. Attract the visual learners!

4- Pay Per Click ads on Facebook can be targeted for specific audiences. Very specific. You can target people based on their age, location, interests, household income, car owner etc the list goes on. Make your marketing budget work for you.

5- Videos are the future for online dental marketing. Invest in a good camera and mic for your business and get making videos to educate your followers, again another free tool that requires planning. YouTube is owned by Google and Google loves businesses that utilise Google products for their business.

6- Complete the most difficult task first in your dental marketing to do list. Don’t multitask, it doesn’t work. Save time by doing the worst and most difficult job first and watch your to-do list minimise.

7- SSL certificates allow website users to know their data is safe on your website and Google loves this! They will help you rank higher in search engines because of this safety. We install hundreds every year.

8- Listen to Google. Google likes businesses that implement Google services and tools. Set a practice Google+ page and sign up to Google analytics and other Google products for your practice.

9- People have an interest in your people. Share team bios and what they get up to during and after work via Social Media platforms and let the human side of your dental practice resonate with your followers.

10- Xmas is the season to be merry but also savvy shopping. Promote an offer for Xmas and attract those savvy shoppers to come buy gifts from you.

11- Get writing. Blogs are a great way to educate and motivate your patients and also great for dental SEO as Google loves businesses who educate their customer base.

12- Dental PR doesn’t have to be expensive. You will be surprised what stories local papers share and would like to share. Drop them an email or [phone call to let them know about a up coming practice event or any charity work the team members are involved in.


We hope you have enjoyed these 12 marketing tips for dentists this festive season and if you would like to discuss any of the above tips in more detail, please email us or call 0330 133 0635