Finding Your Dental Practice Style or Unique Selling Points

In order to secure as many patients as you can, you need to have an appealing business style or Unique Selling Point (USP) that your potential patients will be drawn to.

Every dental practice should have its own USP, which differentiates it from local competitors and makes it stand out to its target audience. Of course, when you’re all offering very similar services and treatments this can be difficult, but there are ways in which you can help your business stand out from the crowd.


Training and Qualifications

Tipton TrainingIf you or your team have any post graduate training, this should be highlighted on your website and in your practice. Additional qualifications and industry training programs can help your patients feel confident in your work and will encourage new patients to give your practice a try.


Special Interests

If you have any special interests or specific qualifications that mean you’re highly qualified for particular areas of dentistry, it’s important to let your potential patients know. Special interests can also render your qualified to accept referrals, so you can take on new patients with very specific needs.

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Awards and Industry Recognition

Patient word of mouth is extremely valuable, but it’s easier to get patients through the door in the first place if you have respected awards and other forms of recognition from your industry peers. It suggests your work is not only respected but that it gets noticed.


Unique Servicesitero marketing

Of course, if you can offer any new or unique products and services that your local competitors do not, then you automatically have the upper hand if local people are seeking those treatments. Advertise your advanced offerings to make it known that you remain at the forefront of the dental industry at all times.


The Latest Technology

As both the media and technology advance, it’s easier for potential patients to keep up to date with the latest equipment to enter the dental industry. Although this does mean they’re likely to be more familiar and comfortable with the equipment when they arrive for an appointment, it also means that patients are demanding more when it comes to having an up to date local dental practice. Keep on top of the latest technology and equipment updates to stay ahead of competitors.

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Those Little Extras

If you’re matched in specialisms, awards, and qualifications, you’ll need to go the extra mile to entice new patients. Word of mouth is a valuable tool, and nothing gets patients spreading the word like great customer service. Make sure your staff is trained to provide all the help and support your patients need and ensure your practice is both accessible and well-designed if you want to get them talking after their next appointment.


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