Create the perfect lasting impression

Word of mouth referrals are 5x times more powerful than any other type of marketing and a great way to harness this is with your own personalised recommendation cards which can also be used as business cards that are customer specific.

Recommendation cards given to customers at the end of treatment can go a long way and will bring back new customers who have been hearing your praises. These are the patients that will happily accept your clinical advice and proceed with a proposed treatment plan. It just takes a quick and simple wrist movement to pass a card to the customer and can result in welcoming genuine patients who trust you as a result of hearing a positive testimonial from within their circle of trust.

Thank you cards are a great way to show appreciation towards the patients who have had treatment at your practice. Sometimes the team can forget how life changing a smile or corrected eye sight is for some people, the perfect smile can transform a person’s life and their view on life, so why not say thank you to them for choosing you out of all the businesses to change their lives. Maybe post them to patients/customers who have had treatment over £500 or £1000. Whatever you choose, you can bet it will be making someone smile and they will definitely talk about you to their family and friends.