Whether you are looking for assistance with ensuring your practice is ready for the future or looking to sell your practice but want tie up the CQC/legal requuirement aspects before completing the sale to the new buyer, we can help. We have successful experience in implementing the required changes and protocols to ensure you fly through your CQC inspection.

We have all heard the terrible tales of practices being shut down due to not being compliant and these stories are true but with the right help and approach, every practice can update their structure and be prepared for their CQC inspection. The CQC reports are available online for everyone to see and can reflect the way you run your practice. Patients can also view the report and can decide which level of care they want to receive when choosing a practice to be treated at.

We can provide help with policies and protocols, staff training to prepare them for the inspection, cross infection/htmo105 audits, patient satisfaction surveys, staff surveys/appraisal, patient record audits and assistance with future changes.

We can implement structures to ensure that there is a system for everyone to adhere to and in the long run will also ensure that records are kept ready for the next inspection. It just makes life easy knowing the business is operating like a well-tuned machine and you can step into the records anytime to check the progress and improve further.

Systems that can make it easy for you to have a efficient workforce who are responsible to the company. We set up and install Cloud Data storage that allows you to monitor the the progress of a large team remotely so you can delegate and evaluate later.

There is no need to stress, just give us a call and we will fully explain the simple and cost effective method of getting everything organised.