Make them feel as if they are superstars!

We can help create referral packs that will generate referrals from local practioners and businesses. They will refer patients and consultations to you based on what is highlighted in the referral packs. The packs will include relevant information and details of the expertise that your practice has to offer.

Referral packs contain an introduction letter on why another dental practice should refer to you and how the dental practice will be updated regarding their patients journey. It will also feature who you are and what your business is about, information about the treating dentists, the referrals you accept and the various treatment prices.

We also create Welcome packs and information packs for specific treatments such as dental implants or laser eye surgery. Welcome packs make a patient feel well introduced and greeted. It’s a personal touch that shows patients that you appreciate them and will be providing the best possible service. Whereas treatment packs ensure the patient is informed about what the treatment entails and is a great way of providing a consent form to them as well. The patient is about to make a big decision and they want to feel like they are making the right on, they need to know that they have all the information that they require and what they should expect.