Marketing Important Dates for 2016 UK to help your business potential. Use these dates to push promotions, offers, practice events, social media campaigns and much more.

The ‘opportunities’ are endless.

* January

1st Jan New year 2016

* February

8th Feb Chinese new year Monkey

14th Feb Valentine’s day

14th Feb BAFTA awards

17th Feb Random acts of kindness day

24th Feb Brit awards

* March

1st March St David’s Day (Wales)

6th March Mother’s day

8th March International Women’s Day

17th March St Patricks Day (Ireland)

23rd March Holi Hindu festival

27th March Easter

27th March Clocks go forward

* April

1st April Aprils fool’s day

6th April Tax year begins

9th April Grand National Aintree

23rd St Georges Day (England)

* May

2nd May Bank holiday

11th May National receptionist day

16th May National Smile Month

May 21st Blue moon sighting (once in a blue moon term derives from this rare event)

21st May FA cup final

22nd May French tennis open begin

22nd May Buddah day

30th May Bank holiday

* June

6th June Ramadhan begins

10th June Euro cup begins

15th June British flowers week

19th June Father’s day

20th June Summer solstice (longest day)

20th June Summer season begins

27th June Wimbledon begins

* July

2nd July Tour de France begins

4th July Juno spacecraft to arrive on Jupiter after 5 years

6th July Eid

14th July Golf UK open begins

30th July International day of friendship

* August

1st August Bank holiday

2nd August Sky Ride Manchester (others also going on Nationally)

18th August Raksha Bandan Hindu event

* September

12th Sept Eid

13th Sept Jewish new year

19th Sept National eye health week

21st Sept World peace day (also Hassans birthday 🙂 )

26th Sept Macmillan coffee morning

* October

1st October  National dental hygiene month begins

1st October Stoptober begins

2nd Oct Grandparents day

5Th Oct Teachers day

11th October Diwali

25th Oct Clocks go back

31st Oct Halloween

* November

1st Nov Mouth Cancer Action Month

5th Nov Bon fire day

13th Nov Rememberance sunday

15th Nov Guru Nanaks birthday Sikh event

27th Nov Black Friday Sale

30th Nov St Andrews day (Scotland)

30th Nov Cyber day sale

* December

Nov/Dec Christmas season begins

20st Dec Shortest winter day

24th Dec Hanukah begins

1st Jan Hanukah ends

26th Dec Boxing day sale

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