Take advantage of every opportunity

PR on a local scale helps to create a local business presence earning respect from local businesses, which in return builds local relationships and the potential to create a referral network.

PR can come in many different forms. Some of the basic PR methods include getting news into the local press, articles in national press, articles onto online news websites and utilising local and national events to get your business name and branding out there.

PR requires: creativity, research and perfect timing, these work together to help you achieve a good PR promotion. It goes a long way with brand reputation, recognition and loyalty as proactive local businesses create a sense of trendiness amongst the local community and form bonds of loyalty.

Exhibitions are a great way to promote your services to your target consumers: such as brides to be at wedding fairs, exhibitions or even beauty and business fairs. We can help guide assistance with setting up your first stand and also provide physical assistance on the day for capturing enquiries if your team doesn’t have the confidence to do so.