Does the cost of Dental Marketing outweigh the cost of not taking action? 

When I present proposals or strategies or any kind of invoice to any client I say, “Look, this is what you want because you’ve contacted me. This is what I will provide for you to achieve this goal. I deliver that result” There’s a price associated with that because I spend my time on working to deliver that goal for you so you can increase your private turnover for example.

I’ve seen a small number of my potential clients do is that they wait and debate whether this is the right step for them for months.

Now when I buy a car (I’m actually in the middle of buying a car at the moment) I usually spend about a week before I decide on purchasing that car. Why, because It’s in my need. I know what will happen if I don’t have a car. Maybe I would have to walk or get a bus or borrow someone else’s car and I don’t want to be doing that. Those kinds of costs outweigh me thinking for too long. When it comes to dental practice marketing, people leave the dental execution bit of taking the next step for months. They think everything is fine and they’re still fine where they are but I don’t think that many of these people realise that over the last six months how much potential income have you lost?

Now you might be thinking if I never earned that income, I wouldn’t know what my potential is, so I don’t know how much I’ve lost.


I’ll tell you that

Potentially from private income, you could have made an additional £10,000 a month. £10,000 a month!

Multiply it by six…whilst you’re debating you’ve lost 60 grand. With 60 grand you could have bought a terraced house in Blackburn for that!


Time is valuable

The truth is time is something you can’t get back. Ignore the 60,000 pounds. What you have lost is time. You’ve lost six months of your life. You lost six months of your business life. Your business has lost six months of potential and planning to be positioned in a different place within six months. You have to wait six months to restart the whole six months process again. Your team would have been different. You would be six months ahead of the local competition in terms of what goals you are trying to execute. Time is something you can’t get back.

Income, fair enough, we can make that 60 grand again but time is something we can’t take back.

You have lost six months of your life and your business life. You don’t seem to understand how valuable time is sometimes you guys who do debate thinking,

 “I’ll wait a few months before I take the right step.” 

What usually happens is you wait until times get really bad, or you receive a massive invoice from Henry Schein and you think Damn! I need to get into the private industry. This is killing me!

Don’t wait for the massive invoice to give you that surge of,

“Right, I think I want to take the next step now to do private industry.” It doesn’t work like that.


Proper planning positions you properly in the future

Taking action on emergency or difficult situations leave you stranded or more worried than where you could have been if you had planned properly.

Time is valuable. Don’t waste time. Even if you don’t decide to do anything for the next six months, do things on planning for that six months deadline.

Plan on getting your consent forms right, plan on improving your customer service training, your sales training and introducing new treatments to your practice. In six months time when you are ready to go ahead, we have more to play with. You will have a better team that can drive your goals forward. So don’t waste your six months just thinking about things.


Plan. Plan. Plan.

It is what delivers results. It’s all in the execution at the end. If you don’t execute, you’re just thinking. It’s just ideas. They mean nothing. Plenty of people have ideas, but only a handful of people actually execute them. I’m one of those, so let me execute for you.