A no brainer!

Custom made branded membership payment plans also provide that quality feel. Every practice has different running costs and the payment plans will differ too. So why not create a unique brochure that you can choose the price for, highlight why the plan will be beneficial for your customers and why your practice should be their provider.

We can also utilise other in house marketing avenues to promote the plan such as posters, canvasses, membership cards with unique ID numbers, digital ads on your waiting room TV, external Advertisement boards and Posters, leaflets/flyers and of course your website.

Why not try an ad in a local newspaper, directing them to a page on your website that is dedicated to the plan, to promote the plan. There is so much potential to boost the sign-ups for your dental membership payment plan so why not give it a go!

Check out our team training options and find out all about how marketing works and how the team goes about it.

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