Can anyone hear me?

Practice owners get busy promoting all the treatments and services you offer, in the practice or online so much so that we sometimes overlook the potential right on our doorstep. Using external marketing campaigns, we can help utilise the traffic going past every day who could be potential customers. How many passers-by know that you offer a certain treatment or have an offer going?

This is where your branding comes into full play! Creating local brand recognition for all passers-by is essential; they can then relate it to your social media presence and your online presence.

We can help design;

  • A-Boards with changeable poster inserts. We can supply A-boards and posters which will promote your services to pedestrians and driving local traffic. If your dental practice is located on the high street, this is a must have, to deliver your message. Changeable posters allow you to keep up with current seasons and trends to keep your material fresh. We supply 2 types of A-boards which use A2 posters.
  • Changeable external frames and posters for outdoor walls. The building wall externally is a great place to advertise what you have to offer or display your website and contact details. We can supply frame sizes from A1 to A3.
  • Billboard designs and allocating local billboards. Billboards are the largest form of advertising space available to local businesses. Most billboards have quite a lot of local traffic passing by every day and are conveniently located next to traffic lights. The right message in the right location can generate a lot of new enquiries to your dental practice. We can help source where the best billboard location would be in your area and help plan your billboard campaign.
  • Leaflet/flyer design and local targeted leaflet distribution. We have been creating and distributing flyers and leaflets for numerous dental practices, providing a direct mail approach. This can generate a huge volume of enquiries when the correct area is targeted. We work with a network of leaflet distribution companies in your area who provide clear options and reports for the work they do and their employees are GPS tracked ensuring the areas are being targeted.
  • Referral packs for referring dental practices
  • Outdoor banners to grab attention and deliver a quick message
  • Outdoor signage for a modern professional look
  • Outdoor lighting to highlight key features of your property and signage
  • For the daring we can provide Gorilla Marketing Campaigns!

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Create a local presence and get your name out there. The truth is most people don’t know your dental practice or opticians exists let alone the difference between the services you offer compared to a local competitor.