A picture is worth a thousand words

Posters and canvases are a great way to promote specific treatments, your dental plan, optical services and can even promote your team! They are useful in informing patients of current offers, they can be relaxing visuals that create a comforting environment and they can also be manipulated to glamorise treatments and so much more. We can generate custom posters and canvasses with your practice’s brand colours incorporated within the design. We can make them according to your specifications or offer you a vast range of choices. Why not take a look at our online shop for pre designed posters and canvasses now!

We also offer vinyl wall art, such as inspiring text or wall art that you can have spread across the whole wall. These have proven to be a popular method for removing the traditional dental practice feeling and creating a whole new environment of your choice. Be that a cosmopolitan theme or a natural earth theme to build that relaxing feeling.