NHS Dental practices are 35% less profitable than they were a couple of years ago. What does this mean for you?


I don’t know if any of you guys saw a post — I think it might be in the Dentistry magazine where they were telling everybody that NHS Dental Practices, over the last number of years have lost up to 35% of their income. What does this mean for you especially if you are an NHS Dental Practice? It means that the NHS is not profitable anymore. It might be considered profitable if you have various practice locations and you’re running a high turnover NHS practice based on big large contracts.

Obviously, each performing dentist is your racing car driver. So the better they perform, the more profitable you are but if you don’t have the winning racing drivers then, unfortunately, you’re stuck with the low performing slow dentists which won’t work well for you at the NHS.

And dentists don’t like to work fast either because you have to remember that dentistry is an art form, not a factory engineering job.


So what do you need to do in order to be safe for the future? I think you pretty much all know the answer…

Private dentistry is a lot more fun. Patients are looking online and locally for high demand treatments such as in Invisalign, dental implants, short-term ortho, composite bonding, veneers, smile makeovers, the list goes on and the proof in the pudding is always there. It’s already there.

You see private dental practices working, don’t you? Do you not see this? It’s there. Businesses are thriving because of private industry. Plan on increasing your private turnover as soon as possible so as soon as the NHS Dentist becomes more and more less profitable, you can easily transfer into a whole new level of game playing where you work with high profitable treatments and gain the time that you deserve to execute the job well.

Also, do your artistic dentistry that inspired you to initially go down into a dentistry degree in the first place. You will enjoy life more. You will enjoy spending time in your workplace. You will enjoy talking about dentistry with your colleagues.


There’s a massive difference when you enter the private dentistry world.

NHS dentistry, unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of it but I am actually quite grateful to have an NHS system here but I do think the NHS system is not working correctly at the moment. It can be improved. But again, you know the government, they have their own agendas and issues in the background. Don’t rely on the government to help fix your issues. A lot of people have relied on the government to fix their issues and I’m sure you can take a look through the history books and see what has happened.

Work on your own initiative. Work to create a future for yourself. Work on your own problems and accept who you are, what you are where you are and then work on it. Once you accept ownership and take responsibility for where you are and what your current situation is, things will become a lot clearer, positive, and optimistic.

I do this for my clients. I get to see the differences. I actually have seen this physically in practices and I see the transformation in the same way you guys see the transformation in somebody who comes in with a horrible smile and they leave with an improved smile makeover. You’ll notice that they are well more confident in everything that they do. There’s a bounce in their step. I notice the same exact thing with my dental clients.

NHS to private, oh my days! The positivity just goes up. Team members are engaged because they like to adapt to new services and increase great service and try new things and reach new audiences. Everyone is happy and the moral is happy.

When people wait for perfection or they wait for the right time, by that time it’s too late, or it’s another excuse for procrastination because of your fear of something else, something new.


Take the next step.

Don’t let the government fix NHS issues, don’t rely on the retirement package.

Please just take the next step. If you need to call me, call me, I’m here for you.