As you all are aware, we steer away from the clinical aspect of dentistry and concentrate more on the personal developement side of dentistry aswell as the business and marketing aspects (thats what we do best!).

We also invite Guests to contribute and write blogs based on their personal expertise and experiences which provides us all with a different perspective on things.

Because our blogs are based on the non clincial side of dentistry, we get visitors from all over the world who read and share our blogs all the way from USA to Australia and everywhere inbetween.

FeedSpot an online RSS feedsite that collects and shares the blogs from around the world to the right audiences and makes managing your RSS feeds alot easier, they recently carried out a online review to see which blogs recieved the most visitors, reads and ranked them in terms of popularity from around the world.

We were one of those top read blogs! You can view the rankings here

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