What are they saying about you?

Have you ever received online negative feedback which wasn’t your fault? Whether it is on Facebook, Yelp or even Google, a negative feedback can have a major impact on your business and how potential new clients perceive your business.

Allowing the complaint to stay there without trying to challenge makes little sense. The longer the negative comment is online for everyone to see, the longer it will take to restore your hard earned reputation. Most of the time, the negative comment is left by a business competitor or even by patients who have misunderstood or misinterpreted the service they received. We have experience in dealing with this and can help you resolve similar issues.

We know how to get the negative comment removed or achieve a positive outcome whether it is spending hours challenging the authorities or platform owners or talking to the person who left the feedback. We have done it for previous clients and can do it for you!

We have worked with negative NHS Choices ratings, Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp reviews and many more. You may not even be aware of a negative comment that is online as you read this, damaging your business. Type in your business’s name on a search engine and see what you can find. You might be surprised.

It’s not all negative though. Want to create more positive feedbacks for your business but not sure how? We can help with this too. We can encourage your patients to leave positive feedback, utilise your website for reviews, and engage with social media platforms to motivate followers to leave a positive review of the service they experienced.

Google reviews are now becoming a great matter of importance as people are now deciding which business to choose depending on the reviews the business has received.

We can even complete the reviews on behalf of your patients with their consent if they are not internet savvy. Every great service that was provided to a patient is a potential review and it does wonders with encouraging new enquiries.

With us, your online reputation is in safe hands.