Marketing has changed over the last 10 years. We can no longer work with the ‘one glove fits all’ ideology; where adverts portray the same message across all marketing channels using images that resemble 1980’s American TV commercials.

Marketing has changed, for the better.

Today, our marketing campaigns need to be segmented, broken down, researched and analysed to deliver the message optimally. This involves analysing your current customer base and the customers you want to attract with your product and service.

Factors that should be considered are:

* Most popular treatment correlation with age group of existing customer base

* The priorities of your chosen consumer

* The spending habits of your chosen consumer

* Postcode analysis of existing customer base

* Hobbies and leisure activities of your chosen consumer market

These are just brief ideas, you can go into much more detail which will provide more accurate knowledge and information that will allow you to understand the mind-set of the type of consumer you want to target.

An example of a segmented marketing campaign can be Facebook Ads. You can create numerous campaigns via Facebook with each one targeting a different consumer type.

You can use images and language that reflect your chosen consumer, for example; a younger age group would prefer language that is short, and easy to understand, in some cases, if the campaign is right, the use of slang words could also be beneficial. Facebook is great at collecting personal information about its users and this is also evident and available when creating a Facebook Ad. You can choose to target people who have specific hobbies (which you can identify through your research) making them more likely to pay attention to your Ad and take interest.

As the saying goes knowledge is power; so go out of your own way to gather as much detailed information about your consumer as you can and use the research other people have already done to find out more about the thoughts and interests of your chosen consumer.