The Financial Freedom Formula

Financial Freedom Formula to allow you never to work again…..unless you choose to. If as a dentist you want to go from working for money to money working for you, then you need to know this next process.

How to achieve financial freedom

This is brought to you in the form of – P.I.S.S.

P.I.S.S. = Passive income + investment income + savings + simplify

Passive income as we know is income derived from you not working directly to generate it. It does not mean you wont initially need to put some work in, but it is the ‘set and forget’ strategy, where once you set it up, on the whole you can forget about it and the best type of passive income is property. Not only do you have someone (tenant) paying your debt (mortgage) you also have surplus income (rent) coming in monthly and over the long term you are holding onto an appreciating asset. Investment income this is derived form the capital gains you make when selling property, dividends from shares, etc. I, like the next person, want to enjoy my life now, so passive income is good, but you cant enjoy its benefits immediately when you are starting out. Therefore I always advocate selling a few properties instead of keeping them all, so you can get the money out and either reinvest it of enjoy it.


Always have some money stashed away in a long term savings account for any emergencies or that deal of a lifetime where you need to move fast.


when you are starting out on the road to wealth creation, you need to cut down any unnecessary expenses and invest as much money as possible early on. With the power of compounding, small regular contributions early are much better than big lump contributions in alter life. Do not live beyond your can do later when you have reached financial independence.

“I’ve found that the less stuff I own, the less my stuff owns me.” – Nathan W Morris

When choosing which vehicle/s you are going to sue to achieve financial freedom, I would strongly suggest you ask the following 3 questions:

1. How much starting money do you have? It may not necessarily have to be liquid cash. It could be equity in you home or business. It could money from a family member who is looking for better returns from their savings. It could be from private investors that will be willing to work with you.

2. How much time do you have? This will determine if you invest directly and put in the hours to learn the investment strategies or if time is at a premium, then to partner up with someone that has the time and experience and you still benefit from the investment vehicle.

3. What skill sets do you have? And more importantly what do you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, then more than likely you wont be successful at that particular property investment vehicle. It takes time and money to learn a new skill set, if you have some previous knowledge or contacts that does, then you will be head of the game.

Once you know your strengths and weaknesses you can work on building your power team. Summary Stop trading time for money. Only a few weeks ago I was on the train, there were two employees of the train company. They had just been paid and were discussing their pay slips. For over an hour they were arguing and debating why one had a £7 deduction taken out. I could not believe it, they should have invested that 60 minutes in financial education and learning about passive income.


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Harry Singh explains his Financial Freedom Formula. Harry has been retired at a very reasonable age of 35! His property portfolio is worth over £8 million and is the founder and CEO of the Dental Property Club & Botox Training Club. He has been helping dentists become financially free through his seminars which have been running for many years.