Best Online Time Management Tools For Dental Practice Owners

If you run a busy dental practice you may find you’re struggling to manage your time, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone. There are many tools out there that can be utilised by dentists to help them keep on top of their own workload, and ensure the happiness and efficiency of their staff.

Setting Goals

When there’s so much going on around you, it’s easy to forget about your ‘grand plans’ for your practice. Make use of only tools to help you set and track your goals, so you don’t find yourself struggling to keep up with your local competitors. One of the most popular tools include Lifetick, which has been designed to provide rich and detailed goal tracking capabilities that can be broken down into more manageable tasks.

Keep on Top of Daily Tasks

Even daily tasks are sometimes easy to overlook, and a simple to-do list can be all you need to keep things in check. The internet makes this easy and convenient, providing easy-to-access tools that will hold you accountable when you not staying up to speed. Some of the most popular online tools include Asana, which works for tracking both daily and more long term goals with or without your team or Clear, a simple to-do list that’ll keep you on top of things.

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Online Learning

Dentists and other dental practice staff have to stay on top of the latest training and ideas within the industry, but that’s not always easy when you’re frequently working, travelling, and trying to enjoy your personal life, too. However, with the help of online tools, you can learn on the go, and keep up to date with all the latest dental industry updates. There are many different types of webinar tools available, so it’s simply a matter of finding the website that caters for your specialisms and interests. Tools such as Google are often a good place to start, providing a plethora of information on the search page, as well as access to video search engines that make it as easy as possible for you to find your next online lesson.

Manage Your Practice Online

Aside from your general practice management tools, it’s also important that you can use more general tools to manage your business online while remaining accessible to patients. Websites are an ideal way of managing your business’ reputation and success, and also offers the benefits of being able to connect with possible patients in your local area. Many companies offer different website services, from social media sites such as Facebook, and online marketing companies who specialise in increasing success.


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