Understand how Google thinks and get more new patients for your dental practice with SEO



A lot of people invest into SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation, for their dental practices and there are thousands of dentists doing this in the UK for the main reason which is to be seen by patients on the first page for specific treatments or specific keywords in a local area and specific area.

The problem is that most people don’t actually take the time out to understand how Google thinks. Once you understand how Google thinks, everything will make sense.

Point number one: Google is a business.

Point number two: It’s also a search engine.

It actually works in that order. Google first is a business and secondly, it’s a search engine. Not the other way around. If you understand this concept, things will start to make sense. Google has people who are their customers, who use their search engine to find answers. Things like local businesses, services or whatever. Now, Google has its own customers so like every other business, Google would like to make sure that its customers are happy with its service.

How Google works with this kind of methodology is it will only place the businesses or services on page one for a specific treatment or for whatever service you’re looking for based on a few criteria’s. All these criteria’s point to having an awesome customer experience for its customers, the search engine users.


Things that Google looks out for are;

– Google reviews

– how active the business is on social media

– does the business have a mobile optimised website

– whether the content on the website is useful

– things such as the business response time to the reviews they receive

– does it make the whole experience worthwhile in terms of opening hours

– the response rate from initial inquiry

All these things Google can track and monitor and it chooses the businesses that perform well in various categories including those I have mentioned above and will list them higher in the search results. Because it means that there is a higher chance that its customers will have a nice experience with this local business.

If you understand this, everything will start to make sense. SEO will make sense because SEO is just about delivering a nice experience for a visitor that lands in on your website.


Google will recognize this and they will reward your business on its search engine.

That’s pretty much all you have to do to make sure that any visitors that you receive from Google to your website, that you provide them with the best service, you engage with your followers on social media, provide an easy to use website that loads fast on any device, the content is easy to read and it not boring (It’s not a copy and pasted job), It’s actually the content that the person is looking for and that you provide a fast service and you’re opening hours are ideal for the consumer market.

The services you provide are pretty much what the consumer wants as well so don’t provide just one specific type of short-term ortho but instead; provide various options that people might be searching for. The more the better.

Google likes a well-rounded business. That’s pretty much it. You will start to see your Google rankings increasing. Stay tuned and watch out for my next video.