Invisalign Prices – UK and Regional

Invisalign is a cosmetic dental treatment that is used for the straightening of teeth. They are a very popular alternative to metal braces as they not only align teeth but allow the wearer the flexibility to remove them and give a discreet cosmetic appearance.

The popularity of Invisalign has spread across the country with many dental practices incorporating it as one of their treatments. Our team decided to do some research into the prices that dental practices charge for Invisalign braces.

The infographic below is a comparison of the average prices of Invisalign treatments in the top 10 cities across the UK.

Invisalign Prices - Top 10 UK Cities

The order of the prices for each city is as follows:

  1. London – £4528
  2. Birmingham – £4230
  3. Edinburgh – £4217
  4. Sheffield – £4200
  5. North East – £4130
  6. Cardiff – £4059
  7. Greater Manchester – £4049
  8. Liverpool – £3999
  9. Glasgow – £3900
  10. West Yorkshire – £3746



Unlike Dental Implants infographic that we covered, the price of Invisalign is highest in London at £4528 with the lowest in West Yorkshire at £3746. The difference between these two prices is just under £800 at £782.

A reason for this disparity could be due to how much more populated London is compared to West Yorkshire with a young age group. Invisalign here could have more value as the cosmetic aspect of the treatment may be a leading factor.

There appears to be no clear pattern to these prices but the price of Invisalign treatments around the central area of the UK are a lot closer to the average figure of the prices of these 10 cities of £4105.80.

The dental practices that we managed to contact in the cities with high prices had an excellent phone answering technique and were both informative and helpful. To complement this, they also had a strong website with good SEO and a larger social media presence. With such strong digital marketing in place, it can be summarised that the dental practices in these cities charge more for Invisalign treatments simply because they invest more in their dental practice.


What’s next?

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