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Time Management Tools For Practice Owners

  Best Online Time Management Tools For Dental Practice Owners If you run a busy dental practice you may find you’re struggling to manage your time, and you certainly wouldn’t be alone. There are many tools out there that can be utilised by dentists to help them keep on top of their own...

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7 Ways to Tame the Christmas Overeating Dragon

  7 Ways the average dentist can tame the Christmas overeating dragon over the festive season, tips and strategies from the world renowned Dr Uche. It has long been said that knowledge is power, and we certainly live in the information age. But if this is true, why are so many people feeling...

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Officially one of the world’s best dental blogs!

As you all are aware, we steer away from the clinical aspect of dentistry and concentrate more on the personal developement side of dentistry aswell as the business and marketing aspects (thats what we do best!). We also invite Guests to contribute and write blogs based on their personal...

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The Naked Truth by Dr Uche Odiatu

  The Naked Truth: the Bare Essentials for Eating Healthy   1. Eat with mindful intention vs wonton abandon. Studies have shown that when we eat take the time to think about why we eat what we eat and which part of our body needs the best nutrition and fuel for repair, we choose...

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So you want to be a celebrity dentist?

  Celebrity-itis Hits Dentistry... We all know the world has gone slightly mad and the entertainment market has taken a huge shift in concentration away from talent to genuine entertainment in recent times but has it hit the dental world too? The rise to stardom is always topical with many...

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5 Ways To Get Fit Whilst Travelling

  Five Tips to Get Fit While Travelling: for the Busy Dental Professional   1. Most of us are under the impression that we have to run for 30 minutes to an hour to get a half decent workout in. This isn’t the case. Recent Iowa University study with 55,000 middle aged people...

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Coaching For Success In Life

  How Coaching Can Help You Achieve Success In Life Performing well in a professional game is all about your mental toughness. Most top professional athletes use the help of performance coaches to strengthen their mental skills which helps them to perform better in the game. Mental edge can...

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Is Success All About Financial Gain?

Is success really all about financial gain? The truth is, it isnt. Any successful person will tell you that success comes in many areas of their lives. You have heard the saying 'money isnt everything', well it goes without saying that money is definately not evertything when compared to other...

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