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Important Dental Marketing Dates for 2023

Important Dental Marketing Dates for 2024

Important Dental Marketing Dates for 2024 UK   Use these dates to push Invisalign Open Days, promotions, offers, practice events, PR campaigns, social media reels and stories and much more. The opportunities are endless.   January 1st Jan New year 2024 22nd Jan Chinese New...

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dentistry sports career

Improve Your Dentistry With a Sports Mindset

Adopting the mindset of professional sportsmen to improve your dentistry Professional sportsmen such as footballers or F1 racing drivers often get a lot of flack because their level of financial reward for "90 minutes work each week" seems incomprehensible when compared to almost any other...

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dentist dentistry bitcoin

First Bitcoin-Accepting Dental Marketing Agency

  World's first dental marketing agency to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for services and products   After seeing a surge in dentists investing in Bitcoin and other retailers such as Subway and Papa Johns accepting Bitcoin as payment, we wanted the ability to offer a...

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NHS Dental Practices: 35% Income Drop in 3 Years

  NHS Dental practices are 35% less profitable than they were a couple of years ago. What does this mean for you?   I don't know if any of you guys saw a post -- I think it might be in the Dentistry magazine where they were telling everybody that NHS Dental Practices, over the last...

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Understand Google and Win More Patients with SEO

Understand how Google thinks and get more new patients for your dental practice with SEO     A lot of people invest into SEO otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation, for their dental practices and there are thousands of dentists doing this in the UK for the main reason...

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GDPR Dental Cookie Policy

Dental Website Cookie Policy

With the GDPR regulations coming into effect on the 25th March 2018, we have received a lot of requests from dental practices who are struggling with writing a website Cookie Policy. We have done the hard work for you. Simply copy and paste this Cookie Policy on your website and allow a link on...

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Social Media Fan Hostage? Here’s Your Solution

  How are Social Media channels holding your fans hostage and what can you do about it? Social media and your followers If you own your own dental practice and have created a Facebook page for it, you know what I mean when I say that you hardly reach all the people that have liked your page...

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