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dentist social media marketing tips

14 Social Media Marketing Tips to Promote Your Practice

Using these social media marketing tips, you can promote your practice and boost your business. All whilst keeping your valuable patients happy. In other words, you can have your cake AND eat it! As a dental practitioner yourself, you know that boosting business is no small feat. Many of you know...

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Invisalign Prices uk average

Invisalign Prices Around the UK – Infographic

Invisalign Prices - UK and Regional Invisalign is a cosmetic dental treatment that is used for the straightening of teeth. They are a very popular alternative to metal braces as they not only align teeth but allow the wearer the flexibility to remove them and give a discreet cosmetic...

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dental podcast guide

How To Create a Dental Podcast Complete Guide

Here is Your Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Dental Podcast From Start to Finish   When you think of a dental podcast, you think of a story being told through audio. A podcast is a tightly crafted media artefact which can be shown through a series of episodes and can be listened on a...

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email marketing for dentists

10 Ways to Use Email Marketing for Dentists

Here are 10 ways of Email Marketing for Dentists and Dental Practices   Interactions with your patients can be very limited. They are limited in the sense that they will only come to see you for scheduled visits. However, this does not mean that you can’t have interactions or build a...

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patient marketing strategies

15 Dental Patient Marketing Strategies

15 Easy step-by-step dental patient marketing strategies to grow your practice   In order to drive revenue, client growth and word of mouth referrals, it is vital to market your practice to dental patients. Although you may already know this, you may be wondering exactly how your practice...

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Denta Marketingl Instagram Account

How to Create Your Dental Instagram Account

Finally, you have realised the potential that creating a Dental Instagram account has for your dental practice. That’s amazing because Instagram can give you exposure to 1 billion people, for FREE! If that's not enough, take a look at these insights. Not only will you be able to build your...

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