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8 Benefits Of Being An Independent Dental Practice

  8 Benefits Of Being An Independent Dental Practice In a recent survey of 2052 people, 56% of UK Brits preferred to use the services of a small business over the services of a large business or organisation. This said they did prefer to use the websites of the larger businesses due to...

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How To Not Market Your Business

How did we get the idea on creating a blog about how not  to market your business? See the van image above? It was parked not far from our office and it took us atleast a few minutes to read and figure out whether if this was vandalism or a prank. Turned out to be a marketing strategy created by...

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Features Included in Our Website Design

We as part of every web site design and re-design project install some really cool clever features that allow you and us to see how your website users behave. The benefit of this is that we can then change and adjust the website to make it more compelling and create a website which specifically...

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Benefits Of Posters, Canvasses & Art

  A picture is worth a thousand words Posters and canvases are a great way to promote specific treatments, your dental plan, optical services and can even promote your team! They are useful in informing patients of current offers, they can be relaxing visuals that create a comforting...

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Help With CQC, Infection Control & Policies

Whether you are looking for assistance with ensuring your practice is ready for the future or looking to sell your practice but want tie up the CQC/legal requuirement aspects before completing the sale to the new buyer, we can help. We have successful experience in implementing the required changes...

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How To Use Referral Packs Brochures

  Make them feel as if they are superstars! We can help create referral packs that will generate referrals from local practioners and businesses. They will refer patients and consultations to you based on what is highlighted in the referral packs. The packs will include relevant information...

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Benefits Of Waiting Room Videos

  Waiting time is the best time We can help create slideshows and animated videos for your waiting room TV; highlighting the treatments that you offer and educating your customers. The precious time in the waiting room for a patient can be utilised to inspire them for treatments that they...

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Waiting Room Album Book

  If you've got it, flaunt it A photo album showcasing your best work. You can show them your great cosmetic restorations cases, your orthodontic before and after pictures with small testimonials from the patient under the images or a brief description of what work had been done. Wrapped in...

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Utilising In House Brochures

  What would you like to order sir? While a customer is waiting to be seen, they can pick up brochures and read about the treatments you have to offer and find out about the benefits and alternatives of different treatments, this in turn may generate interest in these treatments. When a...

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