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Marketing A Payment Plan

  A no brainer! Custom made branded membership payment plans also provide that quality feel. Every practice has different running costs and the payment plans will differ too. So why not create a unique brochure that you can choose the price for, highlight why the plan will be beneficial for...

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Removing Negative/Bad Reviews Online

  What are they saying about you? Have you ever received online negative feedback which wasn’t your fault? Whether it is on Facebook, Yelp or even Google, a negative feedback can have a major impact on your business and how potential new clients perceive your business. Allowing the...

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What Does Your Logo Say About You?

  What does your logo say about you? We have designed numerous logos on behalf of clients, from business start-ups to established businesses that want to rebrand them selves. A logo plays a vital part in creating a presence and subconsciously marketing to your customers and potential...

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Marketing Externally

  Can anyone hear me? Practice owners get busy promoting all the treatments and services you offer, in the practice or online so much so that we sometimes overlook the potential right on our doorstep. Using external marketing campaigns, we can help utilise the traffic going past every day...

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Online Secure Cloud Data Back Up

Data management has always been a crucial part of dentistry and optometry as practices strive to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1987. CQC have also outlined specific requirements that all clinical practices must adhere to, in order to ensure that patient data is kept secure at all...

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Coaching For Success In Life

How Coaching Can Help You Achieve Success In Life Performing well in a professional game is all about your mental toughness. Most top professional athletes use the help of performance coaches to strengthen their mental skills which helps them to perform better in the game. Mental edge can be...

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financial dentistry

Is Success All About Financial Gain?

Is success really all about financial gain? The truth is, it isnt. Any successful person will tell you that success comes in many areas of their lives. You have heard the saying 'money isnt everything', well it goes without saying that money is definately not evertything when compared to other...

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marketing-segmentation dentistry

Segmenting your marketing campaign

Marketing has changed over the last 10 years. We can no longer work with the ‘one glove fits all’ ideology; where adverts portray the same message across all marketing channels using images that resemble 1980’s American TV commercials. Marketing has changed, for the better. Today, our...

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