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What is your leadership style as a Dentist?

What are Leadership Styles and why is it important as a dentist? Leadership is sometimes referred to being a leader, it’s a style you often tend to adapt, or it could be something that you are born with. The real reason is leadership is a unique ability that individuals can easily learn. It is a...

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6 Dental Social Media Campaigns You Are Missing!

As part of your dental marketing campaigns, dental social media campaigns are usually overlooked. The value of social proof and providing great content is a vital part of your marketing campaigns. The essence of dental social media campaigns is to build a relationship between you and your patients...

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The Ultimate Dental Investment….. Your Body

  The Ultimate Dental Investment..... Your Body   Dentists invest in the best equipment for their offices from high-performance Cerec equipment to the fastest software for patient communications. The same enthusiasm needs to be there to take care of their most important piece of...

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Marketing Important Dates for 2016

  Marketing Important Dates for 2016 UK to help your business potential. Use these dates to push promotions, offers, practice events, social media campaigns and much more. The 'opportunities' are endless. * January 1st Jan New year 2016 * February 8th Feb Chinese new year Monkey 14th...

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8 Benefits Of Being An Independent Dental Practice

  8 Benefits Of Being An Independent Dental Practice In a recent survey of 2052 people, 56% of UK Brits preferred to use the services of a small business over the services of a large business or organisation. This said they did prefer to use the websites of the larger businesses due to...

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How To Not Market Your Business

How did we get the idea on creating a blog about how not  to market your business? See the van image above? It was parked not far from our office and it took us atleast a few minutes to read and figure out whether if this was vandalism or a prank. Turned out to be a marketing strategy created by...

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